HiveSQL for Ruby developers

@inertia is developing and maintaining a library for Ruby developers

Gem repository:

To use this gem, you must an active @hivesql subscription and store the credentials as environment variables. Read Register your HiveSQL acount to find out about HiveSQL accounts


First, install ruby. One way to do this is install rvm. Once ruby is installed, install hive_sql with the gem command:

gem install hive_sql

Or, add it to your Gemfile:

gem 'hive_sql'

How To Use (Standalone)

gem install hive_sql
export HIVESQL_HOST=<your hivesql host>
export HIVESQL_USERNAME=<your hivesql username>
export HIVESQL_PASSWORD=<your hivesql password>
hive_sql top upvoted

The above example will query the top upvoted content for the last 7 days.


  • Account

  • Block

    • Transaction

      • various operations

  • Comment

  • Community

    • Role

    • Subscriber

  • Follower

  • Reblog

  • Tag

  • Token

  • Witness


How to query today's followers:

followers = HiveSQL::Tx::Custom::Follow


How to query today's reblogs:

reblogs = HiveSQL::Tx::Custom::Reblog

Account Witness Proxy

How to query current accounts that are actively using a proxy:

proxied ='alice')


How to query comments by application:

comments ='esteem').where(author: 'good-karma')


HiveSQL gem is licensed under a Creative Commons CC0 License.

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