Blockchain operations

  • comment_options





author of the post/comment (username)


a unique string identifier for the post, linked to the author of the post


HBD value of the maximum payout this post will receive


percent of payout paid in HBD, the remaining value will be paid in VESTS. The value must be divided by 100 to get the real float percentage


allows/disallows a post/comment to receive votes


allows/disallows the voters to receive curation rewards. If set to false, curation rewards are returned to the reward pool.


Reserved for future use


Authors of posts may not want all of the benefits that come from creating a post. This operation allows authors to update properties associated with their posts/comments.

Typically, these options will accompany a comment operation in the same transaction.

As of HF17, content creators can specify beneficiaries to receive a part of their author rewards. The list of beneficiaries is specified in the extension field of the comment_options operation and is a sorted array (by account name) of account and weight pairs. The beneficiaries can only be specified once and must be specified before any votes are cast on the comment. Most apps are adding thecomment_options operation in the same transaction that creates the comment.


  • The max_accepted_payout may be decreased, but never increased.

  • The percent_hbd may be decreased, but never increased.

  • beneficiaries array

    • Must have at least one item (empty beneficiaries is not allowed).

    • Cannot have more than 127 (witness currently only allow up to 8).

    • Cannot allocate more than 100% of rewards to one account.

    • Cannot allocate more than 100% of rewards to a comment.

    • Must be specified in sorted order (account ascending; no duplicates).

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