Virtual Operations

What are Virtual Operations?

Virtual operations are operations resulting from the activity on the blockchain but, unlike classic operations, they are not initiated by users.


  1. When a user publishes a post or comment, a comment operation is issued by the user or the front-end it uses. This operation will be stored in the blockchain and in the TxComments table in HiveSQL.

  2. If some users consider this post or comment worth it, they may upvote it. These upvotes are stored in the blockchain as vote operations and stored in the TxVotes table in HiveSQL.

  3. After 7 days, if the post or comment has received enough powerful upvotes, the user is awarded a payout for it and an author_reward virtual operation is recorded in the blockchain. The user did nothing to trigger it, the system did it automatically.



Creations of new accounts

Author rewards

Account Recovery changes

Zeroing of the @null account balance

Conversions from HIVE to HBD

Benefactor rewards

Posts and comments final payout computations

Comments rewards

Transfers from the old treasury account to the new one

Curation rewards

Power-ups who become effective for governance

Conversion of Ninja mined HIVE to DHF

DHF proposals payments

Notifications of governance expirations

Execution of conversion from HIVE to HBD

HBD to HIVE conversions

Internal Market orders filled

Execution of recuurent transfers

Execution of Transfers from savings

Execution of Powerdown

Post Hive hardfork airdrops

Hive hardfork airdrops

Blockchain hardforks

HBD interest payments

Limit order cancellations


Miner rewards

Producers rewards

Fees paid when creating proposals

Proposal payments

Execution of HP delegation removals


Conversions from HIVE to HBD for the DHF

DHF fundings

Transfers to vesting completion

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