All operation tables contain the following columns:




This is an HiveSQL internal row identifier


This is the ID of the transaction in the Transactions table


This is the date and time of the block in which the operation was recorded

Additional columns are described on each table related page



Claims of account creation tickets

New account creations

Recovery Account changes

Account recovery requests

Account recovery confirmations

Updates of account data

Updates of account data (v2)

Delegations of governance votes

Votes/unvotes for witnesses

Claims for rewards

Posts and comments

Posts and comments options

Requests for conversion from HBD to HIVE

Custom JSON (non-consensus operations)

Requests to decline voting rights

Hive Power delegations

Posts and comments deletions

Escrow approvals

Escrow disputes

Escrow funds releases

Escrow creations

Witnesses price feed publications

Internal market orders creations

Internal market orders deletions

Proof of Work (mining - deprecated)

Proposals creations

Proposals removals

Proposal updates

Proposal approvals and disapprovals

Assets transfers

Posts and comments votes

Requests for Hive Power withdrawals (powerdown)

Routes for powerdown definitions

Blockchain properties proposals by witnesses

Witnesses information updates

Last updated